Friday, December 30, 2005

Cherono- notes from harare, lusaka, i'm your romeo, will you be my juliet

hi every1
so the guest house that i'm at has an intense love for music, this morning i had my breakfast to i'm your romeo, will you be my juliet by lucky dube at full blast. lucky dube is like the african bob marley. so yes i'm in lusaka, got in at 5 in the evening, even though the bus was supposed to get in at 11 in the morning. very many interesting things to report about the trip.
a) the bus drivers: there was a problem with the brake light on something so we had to keep stopping to get it fixed therefore someone asked
why didn't you take care of this before we left the station
response from bus driver: nothing manmade is 100%, only God can make things like that, therefore we are not responsible for things happening. (they didn't check this when they left the bus station).
when asked : how much more of the trip do we have left
response: stop asking me so many questions, you are confusing me....
b)saw three trucks overturned in zambia, and these are the big ones you use to transport fuel and stuff, anyway the first one we saw had all these computers for cargo and they were burnt to a crisp after the accident, someone on the bus is like, woooi computers.. something something (this is in another language) bill gates. i'm guessing he was symphathising with bill gates b/c of computer situation....i don't know if bill gates could appreciate/would need that symphathy but it was a good gesture..
c) i really liked zimbabwe, actually harare, it was funny coz you could change money at the steers where we stopped but you had do it undercover coz drama/suspense mystery had to be involved. harare also reminds me of nairobi, so does lusaka, i guess this would explain why africans are not big on travelling, its almost the same thing wherever you go, but still nairobi kicks ass
d) my new name is mama africa, i had forgotten how my dreadlocks bring about alot of attention in places other than south africa. everyone was like, jaman, rasta i've been waiting for you,mama africa come i tell you something (lots of winking accompanied this).
e) south africa is colonizing other african countries economically, though my south african friends would disagree with this, i actually saw a hungry lion (south african fast food restaurant) in lusaka. this is alongside the nando's, steers. i also saw furn city (south african furniture conglomerate) in lusaka...however despite this, i went to two banks, and two forex bureaus to see about changing rands and they were like, no, we have enough rands for the day, we don't want well as, we don't transact in definitely not zim dollars.
d) highlights of the trip, crossing the zim/zambia border, we crossed this river called kifua river or something like that and it feeds into the zambezi, took lots of pictures, it was amazing.
zambia also has beautiful landscapes as you drive in.


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